Drywall Contractors in Bridgeport CT


Drywall has quickly become the most common wall finish in many buildings today. Also known as “Gypsum Board” or “Sheetrock”, drywall comes in a variety of thicknesses and different types depending on its application. Drywall is used mainly to sheath interior ceilings and walls as well as architectural features.

There are many of reasons why drywall is becoming highly popular with many, for instance, it is highly durable, its fire resistant and most importantly it gives walls a very smooth texture. Ever since it was introduced, sheetock has gone about and changed how wall finishing are done be it in commercial spaces.

Regardless of the paint, color or even the expensive artwork price that you have acquired, if the drywall is hung and finished by a contractor who is not highly skilled, your walls will not achieve that great look that you desired. In most cases, you might end up having a wall that has a shabby appearance and one that is very rough. Here at VanBaur Framing & Drywall we have perfected the art that is Drywall Hanging and Taping.

We have completed many drywall projects in Bridgeport and in the process left many clients happy and satisfied with our work. Our unique approach to every single project as well as our skilled personnel who guides our client throughout the project has made us the top choice for many seeking Drywall Contractors in Bridgeport CT.

We offer a wide range of drywall services be it new construction, full gut renovations or tenant improvements and office build outs. This we are able to do thanks to our knowledgeable carpenters and tapers who will ensure that the project is executed in the correct manner.

If you are seeking professional drywall contractors in Bridgeport CT who are highly skilled then look no further than VanBaur Framing & Drywall. In addition, our team will work on ensuring that the budget as well as the time frame of your project is taken into account and that they will be met. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and give us a call at (203) 890-0600.