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When it comes to drywall, you want an experienced team of professionals to handle the job to specification. We are the experienced Drywall Contractors in Bronx NY. We handle all kinds of drywall, whether your job requires taper-edged, square-edged, foil-backed, moisture-resistant, fire-resistant, soundproof, abuse-resistant or cement board.

Drywall is the most common material used for ceilings and walls. Some drywall projects are secured by special screws or nails. There are even Eco-friendly sheet materials available. Drywall is available in varying thickness, and some sheets have more than one quality. Our experts will help you select the best drywall for your project.

We can hang drywall on a variety of walls, including cinder block. Our experts can properly sand it and get it ready for painting. If you have existing drywall that is cracked, damaged or has a hole in it, we can make the necessary repairs so the job will result in perfectly even walls. If you intend to hire Drywall Contractors in Bronx NY, make Mitcham Contracting your first choice. We have state of the art equipment and use the most modern approaches to ensure the job is completed to your specification. There is no job too small or too large for our team to handle. We stay current on new approaches, new products and any new recommendations so we can ensure the job is done perfectly.

We handle it all, from Metal Framing to Acoustical Ceilings. You will end up with an attractive, perfectly finished room when you let us handle all of the drywall projects. Skill is essential in completing the project to specification and ending up with a beautiful, smooth wall or ceiling. We work effectively and efficiently, ensuring the job is handled accordingly.

VanBaur Framing & Drywall, LLC is the clear choice if you intend to hire any Drywall Contractors in Bronx NY. Offering superior workmanship and impeccable customer service, we are the team that does it to specification leaving you with a project you will appreciate for years to come.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Just in case you are still not sure on whether or not to hire us as your Bronx Drywall Contractors, below are just some of the benefits that our clients are already enjoying after selecting us as their Sheetrock projects:

    Superb Tradesmen: Projects worked on by a team of passionate Drywall Hangers & Tapers

    Safety First: All of our employees are OSHA 10 certified at minimum

    Attention to Detail: We have a deep appreciation for the finer details because we know you do as well

    Working Owner: The owner works on every job side by side with his team

    So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and join the list of satisfied clients who have hired us as their go-to Drywall Contractors in Bronx NY. Our estimators will analyze the scope of work required and provide you with an accurate cost estimate to complete your project.

    Thank you for considering VanBaur Framing & Drywall, we look forward to working with you!


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