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A reputable drywall contractor will execute your project efficiently, making sure the walls are perfectly smooth. We are one of the few affordable Drywall Contractors in Greenwich CT. We are an experienced team of professionals who handle drywall projects of all difficulties.
As Drywall contractors, we lay out, frame the walls and hang the drywall as well as drywall assemblies. These projects can include structural and nonstructural metal framing members. We also handle the taping and texturing operations such as the application of compounds that that embed drywall tape into wallboard to seal joints and also create a continuous smooth or textured surface.

Whether the project involves simple metal framing with drywall assemblies or an intricate acoustical ceiling or even metal framed shells, you can count on a beautiful and functional finished product. Superior workmanship and impeccable quality are commonplace with our drywall services.

With an experienced team of drywall hangers and tapers, we use state of the art equipment with a modernized approach to provide the best possible results. We take on all sizes of drywall projects, from the simple to the most challenging - for us, the more challenging the better! Put our skills to the test.

Whether your drywall project involves your home or your business, you can rest assured it is in capable hands when you entrust VanBaur Framing & Drywall with the job.

There are different sorts of drywall such as: abuse-resistant, fire-resistant, foil-backed, moisture-resistant, square-edged, taper-edged, soundproof and cement board. They also come in varying thicknesses. If you are uncertain about which drywall works best for your project, we will gladly help you make the right selection.

If you have a drywall project, call the experienced Drywall Contractors in Greenwich CT. Our results will definitely exceed your expectations.

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Why Choose Us?

Just in case you are still not sure on whether or not to hire us as your drywall contractors in Greenwich CT, below are just some of the benefits that our clients are already enjoying after selecting us as their contractors:

Superb Tradesmen: Projects worked on by a team of passionate acoustical ceiling installers

Safety First: All of our employees are OSHA 10 certified at minimum

Attention to Detail: We have a deep appreciation for the finer details because we know you do as well

Working Owner: The owner works on every job side by side with his team

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and join the list of satisfied clients who have hired us as their go-to Drywall Contractors in Greenwich CT.


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