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Are you looking for local Drywall Contractors in Stamford CT? VanBaur Interiors provides affordable Drywall Hanging and Taping services. Additionally, we offer Metal Framing and Acoustical Ceiling services and a few more sub-trades.

Our professional drywall installers work closely with our artful finishers to render a smooth, blemish-free finish. Our Drywall hangers quickly and efficiently move about your project hanging Gypsum Board with air-tight joints. Afterward, our skillful tapers apply joint compound and sand it out to a smooth, ready-to-paint surface. We do not paint but we like to work with them in mind when we finish. Careful evaluation of the critical lighting areas, sheen, color of paint is considered before we perform our final finish.

Productive Drywall hanging isn't about speed, it's about efficiency and using proper technique. We should know, we are among the best commercial Drywall Contractors in Stamford CT. Flying the room with no regard for anything but sheets hung is how other contractors cover outlets and light fixtures. Instead, our approach is steadfast in making sure every screw is properly set and every gap is air-tight. This makes taping that much easier.

Drywall is the de facto choice outside anything 'exotic' as the best way to sheath interior walls. There are some properties of drywall that make it so appealing to the commercial construction industry consumers such as:


Drywall will in no means win the fight against a steel toe boot or even a tack used to hang a boy band poster but overall the material is very durable. Gypsum drywall is extremely adaptable to humidity changes and can even take a good amount of moisture before damage occurs.

Fire Resistant

The core of the drywall is a gypsum rock it is fire-tolerant, it contains the flames which makes a huge difference in loss in the minutes until the fire department arrives.

Sound Absorption

Gypsum drywall creates peace in the home by limiting the sound transfer from room to room.


After installation it can easily be painted over or covered in wallpaper which gives design versatility to any room. Moisture Resistant drywall functions well in basements or bathrooms where humidity would usually lead to mildew growth.


Because gypsum drywall can be hung at relatively fast speeds, the labor costs are minimal as is the price for the material itself.

A quality product with masterful installation is what you get when using VanBaur for your Drywall contracting. We provide full service which not only includes the hanging but also the finishing of the drywall as well. Some companies only hang which requires a second set-up and tear down fee that the consumer must pick up. Our all-in-one services are something you can truly benefit from so give us a call today at 718-749-9433. Make us your go-to Drywall Contractors in Stamford CT.

Commercial Drywall Contractors in Stamford CT

Drywall Contractors in Stamford CT

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