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Contact us for Commercial Drywall, Metal Framing, Kadex Finishing, Insulation and Acoustical Ceiling services tailored to your needs. We provide our services throughout Connecticut, and Westchester County NY.

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Bronx Metal Framing Contractor

Metal Stud Framing in Bronx, NY

Since 2017, Vanbaur Framing & Drywall has been a trusted framing contractor providing high-quality metal stud framing services in Bronx, NY. We are a non-union commercial interior company, renowned for our skilled in-house carpenters, delivering fast and professional services tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Why Choose Metal Stud Framing?

Metal stud framing offers numerous advantages over traditional wood framing, including greater durability, fire resistance, and pest resistance. Whether you’re working on an office fit-out, multifamily residential development, retail space, or medical facility, metal studs provide a robust and reliable solution for both load-bearing and non-load-bearing partitions.

Why Vanbaur?

  • Skilled In-House Crew: Our team of experts performs all work in-house, ensuring consistent quality and attention to detail.
  • Wide Range of Experience: We have extensive experience in office buildings, multifamily residential developments, retail spaces, and medical facilities.
  • Efficiency and Professionalism: We pride ourselves on working quickly and professionally, completing projects on time and within budget.

Service Area

We provide reliable and efficient metal stud framing services to commercial clients in the Bronx and the surrounding cities including, Queens, Brooklyn, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, White Plains and Yonkers to name a few.

Metal Stud Framing includes:

  • Preconstruction Services & Prebid Engineering
  • Structural Metal Framing – also classified as Load Bearing Metal Framing, for this application we utilize heavy gauge metal studs and runners to ensure strength
  • Non-structural Metal Framing  – also classified as non-load bearing metal framing. For such applications we utilize light gauge metal studs and runners
  • Rated Shaftwall Systems and enclosures
  • Custom Structures: From soffits and radiuses to headers, bulkheads, and clouds, we create custom structures to suit your design requirements.

Expert Metal Stud Framing Contractor in Bronx, NY

For all your metal stud framing needs throughout the Bronx and its neighboring cities, trust Vanbaur Framing & Drywall to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and schedule a consultation.

We have the resources and expertise to handle your Steel Framing project safely and efficiently. We look forward to working with you.

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Plumb. Level. Square.

Accurate Layouts

Whether it’s a small office build out or a mid-rise multifamily development, our layout crews approach each project with attention to detail and the intent to chalk out the most accurate layouts possible. Serpentine walls? No problem. Radii and circular elements? No problem. Intricate shapes? No problem.

We know very well how critical the layout, metal stud framing are to the project schedule and overall success of the project so we make sure to deliver results, not excuses.

Why Choose Us?

The Cornerstone of our business


With an unwavering dedication to precision and craftsmanship, we meticulously execute each project, ensuring impeccable finishes that not only meet but exceed the highest industry standards, leaving a lasting mark of excellence in every space we touch

Our Paramount Priority


With a steadfast commitment to ensuring the well-being of our employees, we implement rigorous safety protocols and continuous training, fostering a culture where every individual is empowered to prioritize safety at every stage of our drywall projects

Ingrained in our core values


Clients trust us for our unwavering dedication to project timelines, transparent communication, and consistent excellence in drywall services, making us a reliable partner for their interior construction needs.

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Let's work together.

Monday to Friday: 7am – 4pm

Saturday: 6am – 3pm

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